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Why Ignoring Liquid Coatings Will Cost You Time & Money

A popular choice of protection in most industries is a protective film supplied on rolls. It is

inexpensive and relatively easy to apply. Problems arise however when the film loses adhesion due to weathering or blows away due to strong winds.

Another method commonly used is protective boards, which require folding, cutting and taping into place. However, these boards are known for moving when installed, allowing debris to build up behind.

Both methods may ultimately expose surfaces to damage and may need reapplying.

Why do the same job twice?

Protectapeel® is a liquid applied protective coating easily applied by airless spray or roller.

This direct approach means time spent protecting surfaces is halved, as there is no need to cut to size or remove air bubbles. Because Protectapeel® is a liquid it is also the ideal solution for protecting curved or shaped surfaces with minimal effort!

And the best part? It does not lose adhesion! Protectapeel® has been specifically formulated to form a durable bond to most non-porous surfaces for up to 12 months without losing adhesion!

Our authentic liquid applied coatings have been used worldwide since 1992 in a variety of industries such as;

Don’t waste time and money on protection methods that will just lose adhesion, protect the right way, first time by using Protectapeel®. Get in touch with our protection specialists for more information.


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