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Peelable Coatings for the Marine Industry

Protectapeel can be used as floor and window protection when used on a yacht.





Why Protectapeel?

Protectapeel is a weather-resistant peelable coating, designed to provide protection for boats. Protectapeel can be used during construction, refurbishment or storage during the winter.

The skin-tight plastic film will prevent damage for up to 12 months from;

- Saltwater
- UV rays
- Weathering
- High winds
- Staining 
- Paint overspray 
- Scratching 
- Dirt 

Besides providing protection, Protectapeel will also reduce the need for cleaning.  Protectapeel is easy to apply by roller or airless spray. There is no need to cut or trim the coating to size, eliminating extra work and wasted material. 

Protectapeel provides outstanding protection both internally and externally. When required the environmentally friendly protective coating is simply peeled away by hand.

Uses of Protectapeel