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Tony’s Top Tips For Spraying Protectapeel Protective Coating

tony willmott discusses spraying protective coating

We sat down with Production Manager Tony Willmott to get his top tips for spraying Protectapeel protective coating!

We recommend that you use an airless spray gun with a tip size of between 17-23 thou and that you use a shield to protect against overspray like I'm doing here on the video.

To start, point the nozzle at the area you wish to protect and hold the spray gun 300-400mm from the substrate, using the shield to prevent overspray.

Release the safety catch and start spraying in a horizontal direction. Keep the gun at right angles to the surface. This means moving the entire arm back and forth rather than flexing the wrist.

Release the trigger at the end of each stroke. Then depress the trigger and overlap the previous pass by about 30-50%. Continue in this fashion for consistent coverage working down the substrate.

When the surface is fully covered repeat with the spray gun in a vertical direction in the same manner. Care should be taken to ensure that corners and upstands are coated thoroughly.

Use a wet film gauge to check the coatings wet film thickness, make sure that you achieve the minimum wet film thickness.

For more information about spraying Protectapeel, or our coatings in general - get in touch with our friendly team!


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