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Temporary Protection During Construction


Protectapeel protects floors, windows, tiles and much more. The peelable is coating is showing here to protect against dirt


The peelable coating is removed easily, this is the same for floors, tiles and windows.


Benefits of Protectapeel

Easy Application

Protectapeel is a liquid coating, applied by spray or roller.

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Superior Protection

Protectapeel forms a skin-tight protective layer that will prevent damage of flat, shaped and uneven surfaces.

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24 Months Protection

Spraylat's spray-on protective coating will protect non-porous surfaces internally for up to 24 months and up to 12 months externally.

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No Cleaning Required

Protectapeel will protect the surface in transit, during storage and throughout installation. Once the coating is removed, no further cleaning is required.

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Easy Disposal

The peelable coating is easily removed by hand, condensed into a small ball and disposed of as non-hazardous waste or returned to Spraylat.

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Save Time & Money

Protectapeel's spray-on protective coating will reduce the need to repair, replace or clean surfaces, saving you time and money.

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Uses of Protectapeel

Bath Tub Protection

Floor Protection

Cill Protection

Tile Protection

Worktop Protection

Window Protection During Construction