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Fire Resistant Temporary Protective Coatings

Fire resistant construction materials are becoming a necessity. On-site, construction materials are constantly being reviewed to ensure fire protection. In the event of a fire the level of protection for a building has to be in line with stringent building and construction regulations. (HSE, 2022)

As a company we are committed to ensuring safety on-site, with this in mind, our technical team designed a fire retardant protective coating that has achieved British Standard 476: Part 7 “Method for Classification of the Surface Spread of Flame of Products.”

The BS 476 Part 7 test was conducted by Warrington Fire. The test focused on a steel sheet coated with Protectapeel which was then subjected to ten minutes of fire to determine the spread of the flame.

The skin-tight bond Protectapeel creates for surface protection, also creates a barrier from oxygen, slowing the spread of flames. We are proud to announce Protectapeel achieved top marks with a class 1 classification!

We pride ourselves in manufacturing the very best surface protection products, that not only prevent damage but also provide the construction industry with a better solution to also adhere to fire safety regulatory requirements.

To find out more about our fire resistant protective coatings, please get in touch with our protection specialists.

Liquid Applied

No Adhesion Loss

British Standard 476 Pt 7 Fire Rated

12 Month Protection

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