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The Benefits of Spraying Protectapeel Protective Coating

peelable protective coating

Protectapeel spray-on protective coating protects for up to 12 months internally and externally with no adhesion loss – guaranteeing your surfaces stay protected from expensive damage such as scratching, mortar, paint overspray, weld spatter and more!

But to do this… it starts with the application.

spray applied protective coating

Protectapeel is quickly and easily applied by airless spray gun, providing consistent and even coverage. Using a spray gun ensures all areas are covered thoroughly including corners and shaped areas such as frames. There is also less wasted product when spraying Protectapeel, the spray gun applies the protective coating directly to the surface – no dripping, spills or waste.

Fully protected windows with protective coating

This consistent coverage achieves the minimum thickness effortlessly, which allows Protectapeel to protect surfaces correctly; providing a smooth, professional finish that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also reduces the drying time!

Get in touch for more information about our spray-on protective coating or see the benefits yourself with a free demonstration!


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