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Best Selling Temporary Protective Aerospace Coatings 

 Guaranteed Protection For Vulnerable Aircraft

Protectapeel can be used as floor and window protection, peelable glass protection when used on an aircraft.





Why Protectapeel?

Protectapeel is used within the aerospace sector to temporarily protect aircraft from;
- Dirt
- Damage
- Weathering 
- UV attack. 

Protectapeel is the ideal solution for protecting aircraft as it is liquid applied. Simply spray or roll-on, Protectapeel is perfect for the curved and uneven surfaces of the aircraft. 

The protective coating dries to form a secure bond that will not lose adhesion. Providing the ultimate aircraft protection for up to 24 months internally and up to 12 months externally.

Protectapeel is used to protect these expensive and vulnerable surfaces during manufacture, storage, transportation and installation.

When required, simply hand peel the coating away revealing clean and undamaged surfaces. The coating is condensed down into a small ball and can either be disposed of as domestic waste or returned to Spraylat International for recycling. 


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Uses of Protectapeel