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Please note: This service is currently available in the UK only 

Recyclable Peelable Protective Coatings

As a manufacturer of water-based, peelable coatings, sustainability is at the forefront of our business.
This is why we have launched Protectapeel Recycle Point, which allows our UK customers to have the used coating collected by us, which will then be recycled. 

Protectapeel Recycle Point supports contractors in order to combat the climate crisis and be a responsible and compliant company with waste management.  


Reducing your construction waste will reduce the number of materials heading to landfill that directly pollute our atmosphere.

We are just as passionate about protecting our world as we are about protecting surfaces.

Recyclable protective coating

Our environmentally friendly coating Protectapeel is a spray-on peelable protective coating, that dries to form an air-tight durable bond to protect surfaces internally and externally for up to 12 months. The protective coating protects surfaces from expensive damage, repairs and replacements on site. When required Protectapeel peelable coating is easily removed by hand peeling and condensed down into a small ball. 

Simply get in touch with our Protectapeel Recycle Point team who will schedule a convenient date to collect the waste. 

All we ask is that the material is either sealed in the original container or in our Protectapeel Recycle bags prior to arranging collection

*Five working days' notice is required. Please let us know of any restrictions on site prior to collection. A minimum of 50kg of used material is required for free collection

Liquid Applied

No Adhesion Loss

British Standard 476 Pt 7 Fire Rated

12 Month Protection

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