Temporary Protective Coatings For The Engineering Sector With Unbelievable Qualities

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Liquid applied, protective, peelable coatings for preventing damage, rust and corrosion. Protectapeel provides the best temporary surface protection for stainless steel, bare steel and other metals from damage during storage, fabrication, painting and despatch.

The coating will protect surfaces from damage such as weld spatter, flash rusting, abrasion, staining, dirt and weathering. 

Why Protectapeel?

Protectapeel Anti-Rust has recently undergone salt spray testing and qualified for a durability rating of C5 High in accordance with EN ISO 12944-6 and EN ISO 9227. The coating has been proven to protect mild steel for two years in a C5M external environment.

The liquid applied, protective, rust protection spray, dries to form skin-tight protection that makes it ideal for uneven shapes. The protective coating will reduce the cost of damage and prevent the need to repair or replace surfaces, from damage such as;

- Abrasion
- Acid rain
- Corrosion
- Flash rust
- Grinding sparks
- Paint overspray
- Saltwater
- Scratching
- Shot blasting
- Weathering
- Weld Spatter ​

Spraylat Protectapeel adheres to the surface via surface tension which means that it is simple to remove by hand peeling. Spraylat Protectapeel is also Environmentally Smart, once removed the peelable coating is condensed into a small ball and disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

Uses of Protectapeel