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Protectapeel Peelable Coating Case Studies

Surface Protection Around The World

Protectapeel protective coatings have been distributed worldwide since 1992 and have been used on some of the most prestigious buildings around the world. Take a look at some of the projects we have protected...

Nine Elms 8_edited.jpg

One Nine Elms

During the construction of the mixed-use development One Nine Elms, approximately 30,000m² of internal and external glass was protected with Protectapeel. One Nine Elms blends contemporary architecture with premium materials to deliver an unparalleled living experience. Set to reach completion in 2024, One Nine Elms is poised to become one of the tallest residential developments in London, reshaping the skyline with its elegant presence.


Approximately 6,000m² of internal glass was protected on the Whiteleys redevelopment project in Bayswater. This project promises to transform an iconic landmark into a modern marvel. Once a bustling shopping centre, this ambitious project breathes new life into the historic site, with the project aiming to blend residential and communal spaces seamlessly.

whiteleys 4.jpg

Alperton Yard

Ravenworth are currently using Protectapeel to protect the internal glazing and frames during the construction of Alperton Yard. “I have found Protectapeel easy to use and easy to peel off which is great for us. I find it a much better product than other stuff we have used in the past” Steve James, Site Manager, Ravenworth

The Octagon

13,000m² of Protectapeel protective coating was used to protect glass on the iconic façade of the Octagon based in Birmingham from scratching, mortar and paint overspray. “We are still using Protectapeel on the Octagon, we are happy with the product and the service from Spraylat so far, giving us guidance and support on both the product and the equipment.” Meng Wen, Project Manager McMullen Facades Ltd. The £110m building commenced construction in 2021 and is due to be completed in 2025. Its mesmerising architecture boasts eight equal facades and is set to be the major new landmark for the city.

The Octagon project used Protectapeel protective coating
Protective coating on glass at Royal Eden Docks project

Royal Eden Docks

8,000m² of glass and frames have been protected with Protectapeel protective coating on the Royal Eden Docks project. Royal Eden Docks is emerging as a new hub for business and culture, as a residential-led development based in Newham London. In 2020 the project commenced by demolishing existing buildings and redeveloping the site as a residential area. Royal Eden Docks will have 854 apartments, all of which feature open-plan layouts, full-height windows and private outdoor space. Our customer, Roy Nicholls (Project Manager, APW Glazing Ltd) had this to say about Protectapeel "Here at Royal Eden Docks , we have used Protectapeel over 5 cores, externally and internally. The product is easy to apply and is a product that gives faith to the main contractor. We have also utilized it, with the protection of internal PPC pressings above our windows. Also, once applied it allows us to mark the windows internally and externally with reference numbers, which assists in our QA and allows other trades to see a window reference. Overall it’s a very good product and it compliments the window install."

Guoco Midtown

Protectapeel protective coating has been used to protect approximately 47,000m² of glass on the mixed-use development Guoco Midtown in Singapore. Protectapeel was selected as the temporary glass protection solution for the complete development by two different facade managers! 35,000m² of glass has been protected on the office tower, with a further 4,000m² of glass protection is on Midtown Bay, which are both expected to complete by mid-2023. Another 8,000m² of glass is being protected on Midtown Modern and is expected to complete in 2024. When finished, this incredible building will bring the city centre an exquisite combination of cutting-edge offices, homes, and retail units, as well as 30 gardens and landscaped spaces for all to enjoy.

Our temporary protective coating was used on Guoco Midtown project
Protectapeel protective coating was used to protect Kodak project

Kodak Factory

Protectapeel protective coating has been used to protect approximately 10,000m² windows and frames internally and externally on the impressive redevelopment project. Due to be completed in 2025, the glass and frames will be protected throughout construction from potential damage such as scratching, mortar, weathering, paint and more.


Protectapeel was used to protect 40,000m² of the captivating curtain walling on the 51-storey integrated development CapitaSpring in Singapore. The iconic glass façade has redefined Singapore’s city skyline, which was protected during construction from damage such as scratching, mortar, dust and debris by Protectapeel spray on protective coating.

40,000m² glass was protected by Protectapeel protective coating on Capita Spring building
Soyo project used Protectapeel protective coating


5,000m² of glass was protected by Protectapeel during the construction of the £300 million pound SOYO project in Leeds! Our customer took advantage of the free Protectapeel demonstration, and once they saw the benefits Protectapeel offered, quickly decided to undertake the free application training we also offer!

Hyatt Hotel 

Approximately 2,000m² of glass and frames were protected internally and externally on the new Hyatt Hotel in Leeds. Our happy customer had this to say “I contacted for a Protectapeel quote and Lukasz called to ensure we got the required products and swiftly followed up with a quote. Deliveries always arrived on-site when requested, this was particularly important as there is a booking in system on site. Spraylat attended the site multiple times to provide training and observe the application methodology, providing advice along the way. In addition to this, samples of the coating were taken and examined for dry film thickness. To date the customer service received has been excellent. Lukasz is easy to reach and always happy to help. I have no doubt this will continue through to the end of the project, and on to the next projects.” John Foster, Quest Solutions

Protectapeel was used on the Hyatt Hotel
Alt Air Sri Lanka used Protectapeel to protect glass during construction


Protectapeel was used to protect 25,000m² glass and frames internally and externally on the 240m Altair development in Colombo. Altair comprises of two tower blocks, a 68 storey vertical tower with a 63 storey stepped tower. Construction started in 2012 and Protectapeel protected from construction damage such as scratching, paint and mortar. The construction was completed in 2021, where Protectapeel was easily removed by hand peeling – allowing for the project to be handed over with no delays!

Singapore State Courts

30,000m² of glass was protected by Protectapeel protective coating on the Singapore State Courts Towers. Protectapeel was used to protect the sleek facade during the construction phase and allowed the contractor to hand over the project without any glass replacement. The State Courts Towers was a $450 million construction project which completed in 2020. At approximately 178 metres high, it is now the tallest government building in Singapore.

Singapore State Court Tower used Protectapeel spray on glass protection
Protectapeel was used to protect glass during the construction of 74 Trinity Place

74 Trinity Place

Protectapeel was used during the construction of 74 Trinity Place protecting the beautiful facade from damage such as scratching, mortar and debris. 74 Trinity Place is the second-tallest superstructure in the area and is perfectly aligned with the back of Trinity Church and its 284-foot steeple. Trinity Church is considered one of the first and best examples of Neo-Gothic architecture.

Brass Founders

Protectapeel has been used to protect glass and frames during the extension of the £38m Brass Founders development in Sheffield. After a free Protectapeel demonstration, the team were extremely impressed with Protectapeel protective coating and went on to protect 1,200m² of glass and frames during the build. Josh Gardner, Metclad said “We protected 1,200m² of glass and frames, I was really impressed with the product and the overall customer service.”

Brass founders protected with Protectapeel
Protectapeel protective coating on

Baker Street

Protectapeel temporary protective coating has been used to protect the 3,000m² of glass that has already been installed onto the project. “ The protective coating is really easy to apply and much better than alternative surface protection available, and the deliveries have always been prompt. The customer service exceeded my expectations. The representative was not only helpful but also took the time to explain things thoroughly, incredibly helpful, patient, and went above and beyond to solve my issue promptly. It's rare to find such dedicated and customer-centric service these days. Thank you for your excellent support! “ George Grab Project Manager Charter Facades Limited

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