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Protectapeel® Boat Storage Film

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Boat damage tends to increase during the offseason, with the most expensive damage being caused due to insufficient storage during the winter months.

The most common reason for the damage is due to a lack of protection, exposing it to the elements. This is particularly true when using tarpaulin. It is impossible to secure it so tight that it will not shift in the wind (especially when winds reach over 20 knots). The tarp can also be abrasive when shifted by the wind leaving scratches on the boat and sometimes removing the finish completely.

Protectapeel® spray-on protective coating allows for a quick and easy application. As it is liquid applied it is perfect for curved and uneven shapes, saving on cutting to size and wastage. Used for short and long-term storage it protects your boat throughout the seasons from weathering, bird droppings, dust and debris.

Unlike tarpaulin, Protectapeel® is skin-tight, which eliminates pooling and the risk of collapse.

Give yourself peace of mind during winter and protect your boat during storage with Protectapeel®.


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