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The Ultimate Guide to Spray Booth Surface Protection

Protectapeel has been manufactured in the UK since 1992, we have distributed our protective coatings worldwide for a number of different uses and industries. This month, we are focusing on Protectapeel surface protection for spray booths.

Spray booth surface protection coating

A spray booth is a controlled environment designed for the application of paint, coatings, or other substances through spray guns. Spray booths are used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, woodworking, metal fabrication, and industrial manufacturing. These booths provide a contained space where various finishing processes can take place. Spray booths are typically enclosed spaces with walls, a ceiling, and a floor, designed to contain overspray and prevent the escape of hazardous fumes.

Regular maintenance is essential for the efficient operation of spray booths. This can be a time-consuming process including using safety wear and cleaning down the surfaces with solvents.

spray on spray booth surface protection
peel off spray booth surface protection

By using Protectapeel spray on protective coating, maintaining a spray booth becomes easier and safer. Protectapeel is a protective coating designed to protect spray booth walls, floors and working surfaces from overspray and contamination. The protective coating will withstand temperatures up to 80°C and provides a light reflective surface for better working conditions. Protectapeel can be over-coated several times and simply peeled back instead of using solvents as part of the spray booth maintenance program.

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