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Protectapeel Protective Coating: Extreme Environments

Protectapeel protective coatings are reliable in every country, withstanding the coldest temperatures in Siberia to the hottest temperatures in the Middle East and the strongest UV light in New Zealand.

This month we focus on how Protectapeel was used to protect The HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier during manufacture and transit from rust, weathering, and salt-water damage.  

protectapeel protective coating on the HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier

The Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers consist of two vessels – the lead ship HMS Queen Elizabeth and the sister ship HMS Prince of Wales. With an expected service life of up to 50 years, they are the most capable and powerful surface warships ever constructed in the UK.

The manufacture of the vessels was undertaken by four companies across seven shipyards, with the final assembly at Rosyth.

protective coating on bare, unpainted steel

Protectapeel Anti-Rust was applied to bare, unpainted steel sections of the HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier to protect the sections from flash rusting during their sea-bound trip from Birkenhead to Rosyth and also storage at the yard.  

Flash rusting is a major concern in the shipbuilding industry as the rust forms relatively quickly (often within a few hours) after exposure to moisture. Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and the presence of salts in the air can influence the rate at which flash rusting occurs.

protective coating on aircraft carrier sections travelling to Rosyth

Protectapeel’s capabilities were highlighted on this particular project as the tough protective coating was able to protect the unpainted steel sections from such tough coastal conditions. When the sections arrived at Rosyth the engineers were able to hand peel the coating revealing undamaged sections, allowing the sections to be assembled immediately without additional time and money being spent on cleaning down or replacing parts.  

By using Protectapeel protective coating, our customer was able to implement an effective corrosion prevention strategy, which saved time and money.


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