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The Need To Invest In High-Quality Surface Protection Is A Must

The construction materials shortage and price hikes saw the cost of building materials surge 23% in August compared to one year ago. Subcontractors across the UK are struggling to take advantage of the economy reopening, as rising costs and lack of availability of raw materials threatens business.

Covid-19, Brexit and booming demand drove up prices of essential materials the construction sector desperately needed. Now, problems at the UK’s largest port could increase lead times for certain materials.

Felixstowe handles 36% of the country’s imports, is dealing with a backlog of shipping containers that have built up due to pre-Christmas demand and a lack of HGV drivers to move them. This has led to warnings that the delays at Felixstowe could stretch the construction supply chain and worsen material shortages.

Some deliveries scheduled for Felixstowe have been diverted to other ports in the UK and the EU. Supplies issues, combined with a strong recovery in demand, have led to prices rising more than 23% in a year.

Price increases and material shortages are likely to create delays to construction projects.

No one can avoid these difficult times, but it can be made easier by using high-quality surface protection that will protect for up to 24 months. Having to replace damaged surfaces not only increases the project spend but also increases energy consumption and waste.

By protecting surfaces you will;

- Protect surfaces from damage

- Avoid needing to repair surfaces

- Avoid needing to replace surfaces

- Avoid wastage and disposal costs

- Save money on cleaning requirements

- Save time by not having to delay projects due to surface damage and materials shortages

With the construction materials shortage expected to continue throughout the rest of the year the need to invest in high-quality protection that will protect surfaces throughout construction is paramount.


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