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Take Advantage of Our Full Service Cycle

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Our temporary protective coating is designed to prevent damage and expensive repairs to surfaces - helping construction companies deliver projects on time and without contractual disputes.

To help you get the very best results for your construction site, we introduced our free Protectapeel® service cycle – which follows a series of steps to help companies reduce damage and complete project on time.

Step 1 – Get in touch! 👋

You can get in touch with us in a number of ways such as email, our website, telephone, Facebook or Instagram. Let us know what surface(s) you are looking to protect and we will recommend the correct Protectapeel® product for you!

Step 2 – Cost Comparison 📈📉

Worried using surface protection may impact your budget? Why not let us show you the cost savings over protective film or protection board versus Protectapeel® protective coating? We calculate the estimated cost savings on your construction project and recommend the most cost-effective surface protection for you – even if it isn’t Protectapeel®!

Step 3 – Book A Demonstration 🗓️ If you are interested in how Protectapeel® works we offer free demonstrations. Our Application Technician will show you how our spray on protective coating is applied and how it forms an air-tight bond to the surface. The protective coating can then be left on the surface so you can see the difference between using Protectapeel® and not!

Step 4 – Purchase 🛒 When you purchase Protectapeel® each tub is supplied with an application guide, wet film gauge and information on the wet film thickness requirement – making it extremely easy to use!

Step 5 – Training 👨‍🏫 We offer free training on-site and virtually, ensuring your team knows how to apply Protectapeel® with either an airless spray gun or roller.

Step 6 – On Site Support 🤝 Once Protectapeel® has been applied, our Application Technician will revisit your site to test the dry film thickness of the protective coating across the project. Samples of the dry film will be sent to our Technical Department to verify the dry film thickness is correct. You will receive confirmation that the product has been applied correctly, making sure you have the best possible experience of Protectapeel®.

Get in touch - we would be happy to discuss your surface protection and if you like, we’ll book a demonstration for you!

Protectapeel free training


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