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Spraylat's Protective Coating Features in Windows Active

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Spraylat International Ltd has introduced Photocure, the first UV instant cure protective coating to be applied during the manufacture of glass and window frames. The coating will protect during manufacture, storage, transportation, throughout installation and construction.

Corby based coatings specialist, Spraylat International Ltd have recently unveiled Photocure, as part of their Protectapeel product range. Photocure is a liquid applied peelable coating that can be used to protect glass and window frames on the production line. Once Photocure is exposed to UV light, the coating instantly cures.

Once cured, Photocure provides a tough barrier that will protect from many different elements during storage, transportation and throughout installation and construction. Photocure’s low tack finish means that items can be stacked in the warehouse until ready to ship.

On a factory line, Photocure can be applied by automated spray or roller-coater and cured in seconds under UV lamp on a conveyor. Productivity is increased as Photocure removes the need for applying and cutting film by hand. The coating lasts for up to 12 months both internally and externally, meaning no reapplication of temporary protection for the manufacturer or customer. Breakdown in customer relations are avoided as there is no longer blame held for damage and cleaning. Photocure protects against dirt, dust, abrasions, paint, mortar, weathering and much more. When removed, Photocure does not leave a residue meaning glass and frames no longer require cleaning, saving manufacturers and customers both time and money.

Spraylat International Ltd have manufactured and supplied Protectapeel, a liquid applied peelable coating, for over 26 years in the UK. This is the first factory applied coating Spraylat have developed for protecting shaped surfaces.

Technical Director, Dr Henry Spurr said “We have made some advances in our UV curable technology and we are excited to now unveil this product. We already have some interest in Photocure in the UK and around the world. Our aim is to show manufacturers there is a better way of protecting surfaces that can ultimately save them money and increase productivity.”

For more information visit or call 01536 408409


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