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8,000m² Protective Coating At Royal Eden Docks

8,000m² of glass and frames have been protected with Protectapeel protective coating on the Royal Eden Docks project.

Royal Eden Docks is emerging as a new hub for business and culture, as a residential-led development based in Newham London. In 2020 the project commenced by demolishing existing buildings and redeveloping the site as a residential area. Royal Eden Docks will have 854 apartments, all of which feature open-plan layouts, full-height windows and private outdoor space.

Our customer, Roy Nicholls (Project Manager, APW Glazing Ltd) had this to say about Protectapeel

Here at Royal Eden Docks , we have used Protectapeel over 5 cores, externally and internally. The product is easy to apply and is a product that gives faith to the main contractor. We have also utilized it, with the protection of internal PPC pressings above our windows. Also, once applied it allows us to mark the windows internally and externally with reference numbers, which assists in our QA and allows other trades to see a window reference. Overall it’s a very good product and it compliments the window install.

Our spray-on protective coating is currently being used to protect 8,000m² glass and frames internally and externally during construction. Protectapeel will protect the impressive full-height windows from damage such as;

  • Scratching

  • Dust & Dirt

  • Weathering

  • Mortar

  • Paint Overspray

  • Weld Spatter

Protectapeel protective coating on Royal Eden Docks

We are so proud to be protecting the glass and frames on the Royal Eden Docks project and look forward to seeing the completed project in 2025!


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