Photocure - Instant Cure Peelable Coating 




Benefits of Protectapeel

Liquid Applied

Photocure is a liquid coating, applied by brush, spray or roller.

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Instant Protection

Photocure cures instantly under a UV lamp. No need to wait for coatings to dry, saving you time.

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Tack Free

When cured, surfaces can be stacked as Photocure is tack free. This reduces processing time and saves space.

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Superior Protection

Photocure forms skintight protective layer that will prevent damage to flat, shaped or uneven surfaces.

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Easy Disposal

The peelable coating is easily removed by hand, condensed down and disposed of as non-hazardous waste or can be returned to Spraylat.

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Save Time & Money

Photocure will reduce the need to repair, replace or clean surfaces, saving you time and money.