Protectapeel® Photocure

Instant cure peelable coatings

Photocure is a UV curing coating that can be applied by spray, roller or brush.  The coating forms a skin-tight protective layer, preventing damage to flat, shaped or uneven surfaces.

There is no need to wait for the coating to dry as Photocure cures immediately under a UV lamp. Surfaces can be stacked, as Photocure is tack-free, reducing processing time & saving space. 

Photocure can be implemented in any continuous flow manufacturing line. Providing protection for frames, cills, glass and other non-porous surfaces on the production line. Photocure can remain on the surface through storage, transportation and installation.  

The peelable coating is easily removed by hand, condensed down & disposed of as domestic waste. 

Photocure will reduce the need to repair, replace or clean surfaces, saving you time & money