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What Do You Want From Your Surface Protection?

We asked a number of construction site managers what they wanted from their surface protection and they said...

Ease of Application

Unlike protective film, tape and protective board, Protectapeel protective coating requires no measuring or cutting to size. The time-saving benefit Protectapeel offers allows you to carry on with other aspects of the project, whilst knowing your surfaces are fully protected!


Protectapeel provides air-tight protection internally and externally for up to 12 months! Unlike other surface protection methods, Protectapeel protective coating bonds to the surface, ensuring no adhesion loss.

surface protection losing adhesion

Other forms of surface protection, can lose adhesion making the surface vulnerable to damage caused by;

  • Scratching

  • Mortar

  • Paint Overspray

  • Dirt

  • Weld Spatter

  • Weathering

  • Dust

Fire Rated

fire rated surface protection

Protectapeel has been tested and has achieved BS 476 Pt 7 Fire Rating - Class 1 and 2! The test measures the distance and time a flame will spread across a surface, Class 1 is the least distance and slowest of flame spread.


Peelable surface protection

Protectapeel can now be recycled in the UK! Before you're ready to remove the protective coating, simply call your Account Manager and ask for our free recycling bags to be sent to you. Then simply hand peel the coating (revealing clean and undamaged surfaces) and condense the protective coating down into a small ball.

recyclable surface protection

We will then arrange a convenient time to collect the waste for free!* Protectapeel will then be returned to our factory ready for recycling.

Interested in Protectapeel? Want some more information? Get in touch with our friendly sales team OR! Download our free surface protection guide!

* Five working days' notice is required. Please let us know of any restrictions on site prior to collection. A minimum of 50kg of used material is required for free collection


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