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At Last! An Effective Strategy For Reducing Damaged Surfaces

Did you know Protectapeel® is a skin-tight protective film that does not lose adhesion?

It has been used worldwide to protect surfaces from expensive damage such as;

· Scratching

· Flash Rust

· Rust

· Weathering

· Paint Overspray

· Mortar

· Spillage

· Weld Spatter

· Grinding Sparks

· Abrasion

· Saltwater

· UV Rays

· High Winds

Protectapeel® has been used and trusted since 1992. The tough durable coating protects surfaces for up to 12 months, allowing peace of mind that these vulnerable surfaces are safe throughout any project. The bond between Protectapeel® and the surface ensures no loss of adhesion, meaning no unexpected additional costs such as cleaning, repairing or replacing. Protectapeel® guarantees the surface will remain damage-free!

Reduce additional costs, time delays and wasting increasingly limited materials by using Protectapeel® get in touch to find out more.


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