Spraylat International Ltd History

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In 1936 Spraylat was founded in the USA, the original manufacturer of liquid applied peelable coatings.


The first products to be protected by Spraylat's peelable coating was shoes and wheel trims...

... then used by the USA military to protect aircraft after World War Two.

These were then stored in the Arizona Desert...

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...Moving forward, Protectapeel® has been manufactured and supplied in the UK since 1992. 


Spraylat's continuous manufacturing of temporary peelable coatings is in accordance with British Standard Quality ISO 9001...

...Spraylat International Ltd incorporates the latest, most up to date technology and materials into their protective coatings.


The in-house development programme enables Spraylat to remain the world leaders in peelable coatings...

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Protection for the RRS Sir David Attenbo

...Spraylat have ensured the best customer care over the years from purchase to peel.

Since 1992 the range of products has grown, as has the company. Spraylat have been fortunate to provide peelable protective solutions to some of the worlds biggest organisations and projects.

Projects include: 

  • Shanghai Financial Centre

  • Burj Khalifa

  • One Hyde Park

  • The Eclipse Yacht

  • Dubai Mall

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth

  • 250 City Road

  • South Quay Plaza

  • Sir David Attenborough Naval Ship

Companies Include:

  • BBC Studios

  • Rolls Royce

  • Galliford Try

  • Yuanda

  • Cammell Laird

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request your free protectapeel demonstra

Spraylat offers demonstrations and applicator training to their Protectapeel® customers. Spraylat continues to uphold the high standards they have set for themselves.


Spraylat continues to find new uses for their protective coatings as they continuously grow. Spraylat are also open to custom applications...

..Spraylat International Ltd was recognised for its innovative peelable coatings and the Spraylat team won an SME award for their innovation in 2017 and the FSB Business & Product Innovation award in 2020.


Spraylat came runners-up in 2018 and 2019.

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