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Protectapeel's Protective Coating Used Canary Wharf Commercial Construction

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Canary Wharf is usually associated with being the financial centre of London, however, construction has been an industry in demand within the area recently. According to Barbour ABI, there are currently forty-three projects on going in Canary Wharf, with a total value of £3.72 billion. The construction industry and their contractors rely on vast amounts of subcontractors, supplies and materials to ensure deadlines are met, budgets are kept, and projects are pristine for their client. One product that has been growing in popularity in Canary Wharf is Protectapeel.

window protection used during construction

Protectapeel is a liquid applied, temporary peelable protection for non-porous surfaces. Projects across London are using Protectapeel for many different purposes, however the most popular area is Canary Wharf. The projects in Canary Wharf are typically high-rise towers which can take years to fully construct, this is just one reason companies are applying Protectapeel, it can last for up to 12 months without reapplication, making it the longest lasting protection on the market. Protectapeel can be applied quickly to a large window with an airless spray gun, it is then left to dry forming a tough film with skin tight adhesion that protects against dirt, damage, paint, mortar and much more.

Spray on Window Protection Film

Projects using Protectapeel exclusively in Canary Wharf include South Quay Plaza on glass and glazing, The Wardian on balconies and Harbour Central on the floors. These are just some of the projects in the area using Protectapeel. Owen Treharne, Sipral’s installation manager for The Wardian project told us Protectapeel “does more than (he) expected”, but more specifically that it is “easily removed whilst bringing away the dirt with it”. Owen also mentioned that reapplication has never been required with Protectapeel, a product he has been using for many years. Justin Broom, Yuanda’s installation manager for South Quay Plaza, described Protectapeel as “better than tape and correx for larger areas” saying he “couldn’t be happier”. Other projects around the area and in London that use Protectapeel include Royal Wharf, 250 City Road, Dicken’s Yard and Westminster City Hall. Protectapeel is also being used on many different construction projects all around the UK including residential estates, offices and stadiums.

protective coating used as window protection during high rise construction

The growth of Protectapeel in the construction industry comes from customers being able to see the product first hand due to Spraylat’s on-site demonstrations. Customers are now able to see for themselves that Protectapeel reduces cleaning costs on construction sites, on average, by 30%. It has also proven to reduce delays on projects as the damage and cleaning is heavily reduced. This means no waiting on repairs, replacements or cleaning, all which incur further unwanted costs and delays to a project. KMPG found that only a third of projects come within 10% of their proposed budget and only a quarter of projects came within 10% of their proposed deadline. Protectapeel helps to save time so schedules do not overrun, and projects do not go over budget.


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