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What do you want from your protective coating?

Surface protection on-site may not be your greatest priority, but it should be. Using surface protection can reduce time and money spent on your projects, which ultimately assists with you being able to hand over on time.

When selecting surface protection on your site, think about what you want it to do... obviously protect your surfaces! But have you thought about other benefits?

Let us show you how Protectapeel protective coating not only protects but provides other time and money saving benefits...

spraying a protective coating on glass

Protectapeel is quickly applied by an airless spray gun directly to the surface, requiring no measuring or cutting to size.

dried protective coating protecting glass

The protective coating dries to form a skin-tight protective bond that does not lose adhesion, ensuring your surfaces stay clean and undamaged.

protective coating protecting windows on construction site

Protectapeel provides internal and external protection for up to 12 months.

peeling fire rated protective coating

Our construction protective coatings are BS 476 Pt 7 fire-rated as standard!

peeling Protectapeel protective coating

Remove the protective coating easily by hand peeling - revealing clean and undamaged surfaces!

protective costing removing dust and dirt from window

Any dirt, dust, paint or other mess is removed with the coating! Saving on additional cleaning expenses!

recycling protective coating

Protectapeel is easily condensed down into a small ball and placed into the free recycle bags supplied by us! We will then collect the used protective coating and return for recycling!*

For more information get in touch with our friendly team, or book a free demonstration!

*Five working days' notice is required. Please let us know of any restrictions on site prior to collection. A minimum of 50kg of used material is required for free collection


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