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David Eaton Talks Protectapeel Training!

david eaton, Protectapeel application technician

We sat down with Application Technician David Eaton to ask him about free Protectapeel training!

How is training arranged?

Our sales team will work with the customer to book a convenient date and time. They then book this in on the calendar, which is added to my diary. 😊

Protectapeel training on construction site

What tends to happen during training?

First I show them how to load Protectapeel into the spray gun. We then discuss what they will need to do before applying the product. I then spray a window myself, explaining the motion I'm using and the product thickness etc.

The team will each then spray the window, and check the thickness of the coating. Once the application is correct and everyone is trained, I then show them how to clean down the spray gun.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of people who can have the training?

No, so far I have trained anywhere from 1 to 8 people at a time. I can do more so long as everyone can see and hear me. 😊


team with Protectapeel application certificates

What happens after training?

I will write out the Protectapeel training certificates and send them to the team.

What is the most common question you are asked?

"How long does it take to apply" Our customers are always impressed with the application time - take a look at our latest application video 😁


What is the main benefit of having training?

You and your team will be fully trained to apply Protectapeel - ensuring it is applied at the correct thickness. The spray gun training is also really helpful as you will have less trouble with spray gun blocking when cleaned correctly.


What would you say to someone interested in Protectapeel training?

It's a great service for you and your site! Protectapeel is easy to apply, and once applied it really does save on repairs and replacements!


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