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Spray-On Protection Used on Kensington Row Envelope

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Internationally renowned metallic construction company, Martifer, have been appointed the subcontractor for the envelope on the Kensington Row Phase 2 project. The project is valued at £165m and will provide luxury apartments in walking distance of Hyde Park and other prime locations in central London. The apartments range from £2m - £6m.

Finding the Right Protection

Whilst the construction project has been progressing, Martifer have been researching the best way to protect their aluminium cladded panels and glass. Their initial idea was to simply use adhesive film.

The team at Martifer decided to explore liquid applied protective coatings and contacted Spraylat International to discuss the possibility of using Protectapeel for this project.

The project is not due to finish until 2022 however, liquid applied peelable coatings will provide a long-lasting tough barrier that will protect surfaces from the many different elements of a construction site. Compared to other forms of protection, liquid applied protection is the recommended choice for long term projects.

Getting the Right Service

The team at Martifer requested a free demonstration, as part of Spraylat’s six stage service cycle, and got to see Protectapeel live on their project with no obligation to make a purchase. Following the demonstration, Martifer chose to spray on Protectapeel throughout the project.

As part of Spraylat’s free service, the team at Kensington Row received training for all 8 members who have now begun applying Protectapeel independently. The Martifer team received application guides to further assist them as well as an application video.

After a few weeks of the Martifer team applying the spray-on protection, Spraylat went to the site to check up on how they were proceeding. "The applicators were doing a fantastic job, the training and guides we provided are clearly paying off.” Sales Director, Dan Edwards.

"This is not just a service for the big luxury projects, we are offering our free six-stage cycle to anyone looking to purchase and use our peelable coatings. By offering this added value to the customer we are ensuring those applying it are doing so correctly and are always satisfied when it comes to removing the coating from the surface.”

You can register for your free of charge on-site demonstration by simply clicking on the link below or by calling 01536 408409.


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