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Reduce Costs & Delays In 3 Easy Steps: Apply – Protect – Peel!

Some protection methods lose adhesion during a project, making expensive surfaces vulnerable to damage. This also becomes a time-consuming process as the need to reapply is a must, otherwise, additional costs may occur if the surface needs repairing or replacing.

Why do the same job twice? Protect the right way, one time by using Protectapeel®!

Step One - APPLY

Protectapeel® is a liquid-applied protective coating. Quickly applied by airless spray or roller, this direct approach means time spent protecting surfaces is halved, as there is no need to cut to size or remove air bubbles. As it’s a liquid, Protectapeel® is also the ideal solution for protecting curved or shaped surfaces quickly with minimal effort!

Step Two – PROTECT

The tough durable coating protects surfaces for up to 12 months, allowing peace of mind that these vulnerable surfaces are safe throughout any project. The bond between Protectapeel® and the surface ensures no loss of adhesion. Meaning no unexpected additional costs such as cleaning, repairing or replacing will occur, as Protectapeel® guarantees the surface will remain damage-free!

Step Three – PEEL

Protectapeel® is swiftly removed by hand peeling, taking all the dust, dirt and debris with it! No mess no fuss, it peels in one big sheet and condenses down into a small ball!

Time is one of the most valuable assets at your disposal. Neutralise any potential delays before they become problems by using Protectapeel®. Protectapeel® is quick to apply and will guarantee protected surfaces. Allowing you to avoid delays and penalties at the time of completion. Contact us today for more information


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