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Paint Booth Protection Coating

The importance of completing superior paint jobs on time is imperative to maintaining a competitive edge for your spray shop. Contaminated jobs ruin the paintwork, forcing costly delays for you and your customers.

To maintain your paint booth deep cleaning sessions are needed, which can be time-consuming, expensive and messy, if using a pressure washer. Even when taking all the necessary precautions whilst deep cleaning, particles may still be present affecting your paintwork

paint booth protection coating

Professional body shops are turning to Protectapeel Boothstrip. A spray-on protective coating that protects paint booth walls, floors and surfaces. Protectapeel Boothstrip is simply applied with an airless spray gun – no cutting, no air bubbles and no wasted time.

The coating dries to form a skintight bond with the surface protecting the paint booth from overspray and contamination. The coating can be overcoated numerous times and removed by hand peeling – revealing the paint booth's original and undamaged surfaces. Its unique formula can withstand temperatures up to 80°C and locks in paint overspray each time, providing a light reflective surface for better working conditions.

Paint booths are vital for body shops and it's important to keep them in good working order to ensure lifespan and the quality of the jobs painted in them.

Take the hassle out of your paint booth maintenance by using Protectapeel Boothstrip and get back to what really matters – superior paint jobs, no contamination and delivery on time to your customers.


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