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Protective Coatings for Spray Booths

Protectapeel’s peelable coating is applied to paint booth walls to protect against paint
Spraylat’s spray on protective coating can be used as window protection in a spray booth
Spraylat’s spray on paint booth peelable protective coating, Protectapeel, is easily removed from the walls and floors.




Benefits of Protectapeel

Easy Application

Protectapeel is a liquid coating, applied by spray or roller. 

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Superior Protection

Protectapeel forms a skin-tight protective layer that will protect walls and floors against paint overspray.

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No Cleaning Required

Protectapeel will protect the walls and floors of a paint booth. Once the coating is removed, no further cleaning is required.

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Easy Disposal

The peelable coating is easily removed by hand, condensed into a small ball and disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

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12 Months Protection

Spraylat's spray-on protective coating will protect paint booth surfaces internally for up to 12 months.

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Save Time and Money

Protectapeel forms a skin-tight temporary protective barrier which means that you don’t need to waste time cleaning your spray booth.

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Uses of Protectapeel

Peelable Paint Booth Coating for Walls

Protect Paint Booth Floors

Why Protectapeel?

Protectapeel's peelable paint booth coating will protect spray booth walls and floors from paint overspray, eliminating the need to clean the spray booth down once spraying is complete. Protectapeel's spray booth peelable coating protects for up to 12 months and can be removed by hand when required.


The liquid applied, peelable paint protective coating dries to form skin tight protection that makes it ideal for uneven surfaces. No cleaning is required as Protectapeel takes away the paint and does not leave a residue once removed.


Spraylat's Protectapeel adheres to the surface via surface tension which means that it is simple to remove by hand peeling. Protectapeel is also Environmentally Smart, once removed the peelable coating is condensed into a small ball and disposed of as non-hazardous waste.