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Stop Paint Overspray Damage With Protectapeel Spray Booth Coatings

Protecting your spraybooth with protecti
Peelable paint booth protective coating protect can be used wall, floor and window protection for protecting against paint


Peelable paint booth protective coating protecting against paint




Why Protectapeel?

Protectapeel is used to protect against damage such as overspray and contamination from;
- Spray booth walls
- Spray booth floors
- Work surfaces

Protectapeel can be applied onto surfaces such as;
- Plastic
- Aluminium
- Stainless steel
- Glass
- Painted surfaces

No matter the size or shape of the surface Protectapeel offers a smart protective solution. Easily apply Protectapeel to your spray booth by airless spray or roller. There is no need to cut to size, no offcuts and no wastage. 

Once dry, Protectapeel forms a skintight bond with the surface guaranteeing your spray booth is protected. The coating can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C and has a reflective surface for better working conditions. 

Protectapeel can be overcoated several times, and when required simply hand peel to reveal a clean and undamaged spray booth. 

Uses of Protectapeel