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London "Site" Seeing

Most people visit London to sightsee, places like Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, the many museums or theatre shows the capital has to offer.

So when Administration Manager Kerry and Marketing Manager Nikki set off to London for the day - it was sightseeing...just a little different!

We spend a lot of time talking to customers and distributors, especially in the construction sector. We hear about the problems customers have faced due to damage or subpar protection films they have used in the past. But we have never really seen it for ourselves, our jobs are more behind the scenes rather than at the scene!

kerry and nikki in london

So, we were asked whether we'd like to venture out and see the sites! (Anybody who knows us, knows it doesn't take a lot for us to venture out on a girls' trip!😂) So we jumped on a train and set off to London (of course we spoke about nothing but work all the way there!)

Once we arrived at St Pancras we stopped to take in what was around us, the sights, the sounds - nothing compares to London. So we sat on the rooftop and enjoyed a nice cold drink before setting off on our journey which totalled 14,610 steps! 🥴😂

construction site in London

You can't step anywhere in London without seeing some sort of construction. Whether it's refurbs, small buildings or the start of a new skyscraper - construction is everywhere. This got us thinking, the amount of construction, combined with the amount of traffic - one of the most damaging factors to the building materials on site has to be dust, dirt and general vehicle emissions.

As we carried on we were lucky enough to talk to some site workers as we were walking past, everyone was really friendly and gave us insights into the buildings they were working on. It was really impressive and we were both really interested in seeing this side of the construction process as opposed to hearing about the site damage over the phone!

protective film falling off of glass

One thing we noticed on quite a few sites was standard film, that was literally falling off these beautiful projects and we both knew where it would lead – dirty, scratched glass that would need repairing or replacing. We got chatting to site staff, who then spoke to our Sales Director Dan and booked a free demonstration!

Our site-seeing day in London was slightly different from the norm but we both really enjoyed it and found it so useful to see the construction process! If you’d like to know more about Protectapeel (or just for a chin-wag with Kerry or Nikki!😂) get in touch!


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