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Innovative Window Protection On Precast Concrete Walls

Protective coating for window protection

Dzelzsbetons MB based in Liepaja, Latvia is one of the largest manufacturers of concrete products in the Baltic States. Dzelzsbetons MB manufactures concrete wall panels in-house and sends them directly to site ready for installation. This method allows a more streamlined and efficient process for construction and the ability to deliver better building outcomes.


Protective coating for window protection within concrete wall

Protectapeel has been used to protect the windows within the wall panels. The protective coating has been sprayed directly to the glass and frames and will protect from scratching, mortar and more during not only manufacture but also transportation and installation.


When the buildings are ready for handover, Protectapeel can be easily removed by hand peeling, and the windows will remain scratch and damage-free.

For more information about our spray-on, temporary protective coating get in touch.


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