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Guaranteed Surface Protection ASAP

Dreading the ‘delay talk’ with your client? How frustrating is it when a deadline is missed due to surface damage? Whilst there are things that can’t be helped… surface damage is something that can be controlled.

Wish there was some way to avoid these time-consuming issues?

Get protected surfaces ASAP

Airtight protection

Spray applied liquid

Avoid cutting to size

Proactive service cycle

Unexpected events are always a possibility on site, however, these can be extremely expensive, which can affect the project and your relationship with the client completely. Protectapeel protective coatings reduce cost on-site by protecting surfaces throughout construction.

Protectapeel protective coating does not lose adhesion, guaranteeing surface protection, meaning it reduces the need for repairs, replacements and additional cleaning thus reducing delays on your site.

Reduce replacements and delays by using Protectapeel spray-on protective coating, your project can be handed over on time, avoiding penalties and disputes with your client.


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