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Easy Protection With Peelable Coatings

Protectapeel® spray on, protective coating is a quick and easy way to avoid additional costs on site such as repairs and replacements. Protectapeel® is a peelable coating that protects most non-porous surfaces from damage such as;

✔️ Scratching

✔️ Weld Spatter

✔️ Paint Overspray

✔️ Weathering

✔️ Plaster

✔️ Mortar

✔️ Dust & Dirt

Protectapeel® protective coating is quickly and easily applied to surfaces by an airless spray gun.

Protectapeel® bonds to the surface to provide air-tight surface protection for up to 12 months. Our protective coating does not lose adhesion, meaning your surfaces are guaranteed to stay protected throughout construction.

Protectapeel® peelable coatings can be used for flat and shaped surfaces internally or externally!

Did you know we offer free demonstrations and training to all our customers? We can visit your site at a convenient date for you, or if you're a little further away, we can get in touch over the phone or via video call! If you would like to know more about our Protectapeel® services please get in touch.

When required, Protectapeel® peelable coatings are easily removed by hand peeling. Any dirt, dust, paint or mortar is removed with the coating, revealing clean and undamaged surfaces.

The peelable coating is easily condensed down into a small ball, which can now be returned to us for recycling!

Interested in our recyclable peelable coating? Find out more about Protectapeel® Recycle Point and get in touch!


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