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A Reliable Protective Coating That Actually Accomplishes Effective Results

We hear it so many times, "Hooray! This protective coating actually works!"

Many of our customers came to us enquiring about Protectapeel protective coatings after their current method of surface protection just was not working.

protective film losing adhesion unlike protective coatings

Films on rolls often lose adhesion and create messy and expensive problems such as scratching and substantial cleaning requirements. This is usually because the film loses adhesion and exposes the surface to everything it was supposed to protect.

Protectapeel protective coatings offer a quick, easy and stress-free solution to surface protection. Here's how...




Liquid Applied

Quick & Easy Application By Airless Spray

Save Time On-Site

No Need To Cut To Size

No Offcuts

Avoid Wastage

Skin Tight Protection

Surface Protection With No Adhesion Loss

No Need To Repair/Replace Surfaces

Fire Rated Protective Coating

BS 476 Pt 7 Class 1 & 2

Fire Safety On-Site

12 Months Protection

Protect From Damage

Save Money By Reducing Repairs/Replacements

Easy To Remove/Dispose

Hand Peel & Condense Into Small Ball

Save Time On-Site

Avoid Landfill

Return Used Coating To Us For Recycling

Environmentally Smart

Free Services To You

Free Training & Support

100% Confidence

Not sure? See for yourself...

Enjoy a free demonstration and see the difference between Protectapeel protective coatings and common protective film.


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