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5 Reasons To Use A Peelable Coating

Protectapeel® peelable coating is a quick and easy way to protect surfaces. The durable protective coating protects surfaces from damage during construction from expensive damage such as scratching, dust, overspray, mortar and more.

Ok, so you know what Protectapeel® is, now why you should use it!

Save time

Unlike protective film on rolls and protective boards, Protectapeel® peelable coating does not need to be measured, cut to size or taped down! Simply spray on, leave to dry and voila a protected surface! Saving you time to focus on other parts of the construction process.

Save repairs and replacements

Protectapeel® protective coating forms an air-tight protective bond ensuring surfaces are completely protected for up to 12 months internally and externally from damage. Reducing the need to spend additional money on repairs and replacements before project handover.

Reduce wastage on site

The construction industry is one of the world-leading industries in waste production. Using Protectapeel® peelable coating reduces repairs and replacements, thus wastage on site is reduced supporting your waste management plan.

Durable protection

For up to 12 months Protectapeel® peelable coating will provide the very best surface protection. Protectapeel® not only protects from scratches, dust and debris but also rust and is a fire-resistant protective coating, achieving a class 1 BS 476 Pt 7 fire rating!

Easy to remove

Protectapeel® peelable coating is easily removed in one big sheet by hand! All dust and dirt is removed in the process revealing clean and undamaged surfaces. Once the peelable coating is removed it is easily condensed down and can be returned to Spraylat for recycling!


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