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Ultimate Guide to Protective Coatings

Protectapeel protective coating protecting yacht

Protectapeel has been manufactured in the UK since 1992, we have distributed our protective coatings worldwide for a number of different uses and industries. This month, we are focusing on Protectapeel in the marine industry.

Protective coating protecting a boat during storage

Protectapeel is used within the marine industry to protect boats and yachts during manufacture, refurbishment, transportation and storage from damage caused by;

• Abrasion

• Staining

• Spillage

• Weathering

• Salt Water

• Flash Rusting

• Weld Spatter

Protectapeel has been used on prestigious projects such as The HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier and The RRS Sir David Attenborough Research Vessel.

Protective coating protecting sections of the HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier

Protectapeel was used to protect sections of The HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier during transportation from various shipyards in the UK to Rosyth, Scotland. When the sections arrived, engineers were able to easily remove the protective coating ready for assembly.

Protective coating protecting the RRS Sir David Attenborough

Protectapeel was also used on The RRS Sir David Attenborough Research Vessel to prevent abrasions and rusting. This particular project was even more interesting as our customer needed the coating to be colour-matched with the rest of the ship, ensuring the coating was practical and the ship was aesthetically pleasing.

When required Protectapeel is easily removed by hand peeling – revealing clean and undamaged surfaces.

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