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Trapp'd Once Again!😱

Hallows House 👻

The floorboards creak as our team carefully walks through the rickety, unstable hallway of Hallows House. Some say they still see a little girl walking the hallways of the now derelict house.

Hours pass as we attempted to contact any lingering spirits, and a deafening scream echoes through the empty mansion. We ran to get a phone to call for help but the door slammed behind us leaving us locked in with no way out... Our team set to work around the house of Abigail, working out clues to understand her past... unfortunately Abigail was slightly naughty and would turn off the lights and scare us by banging the furniture! (It also didn't help that Max decided to switch teams and actually help Abigail by scaring us too!) 👻🤣

Unfortunately, Abigail got the better of us and we couldn't escape in time! 😩

Saving The World 🌎

In 1950, a destructive chemical called VX was created to wipe out millions of lives. In 1993, the chemical was banned, however, it managed to slip through the cracks of society…

It’s now 2040 and our team has been prepped and issued a mission of the utmost importance... retrieving the VX 2.0!

The guys set to work trying out their best James Bond tactics... even having to flirt their way through some of the tasks! 😉️🍸 Matt tried his very best flirtatious line of "open the door" 🤣 (not very James Bond-y) but it was Tom who managed to romance the clue from the very nice lady at the end of the phone!

The guys escaped in 45 minutes and 50 seconds and had the fun of waiting for the other team for the remaining 15 minutes 🤣 taking great pleasure in gloating when they were finally collected by the lovely ladies at Trapp'd 🤣

We would like to thank Trapp'd Kettering for a fantastic afternoon! The escape rooms were extremely clever, well-organised and such friendly service from Jane and Jaimie!


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