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🎳Pin-Perfect Harmony: Team Bowling Adventures🎳

Updated: Mar 18

Welcome to our latest adventure outside the office! At Spraylat we believe in the power of team spirit, and what better way to strengthen our bonds than a friendly bowling competition?

Before the bowling commenced, let's introduce the stars of the show – our incredible teams! From the seasoned pros to the first-time bowlers, each member brought their unique energy to the lanes.

Kier's King Pin Kings bowling team

Team One: Keir’s King Pin Kings!

Andrew Keir

Lukasz Czerniawski

David Eaton

Nigel Taylor

Nikki Barnard

Flawn's Fabulous Four bowling team

Team Two: Flawn’s Fabulous Four!

Matt Flawn

Tony Willmott

Dan Edwards

Kerry Willmott

Strikes, spares, and (quite a few!) unexpected gutter balls – our team showcased an impressive array of skills and good-natured competition! Of course, not every bowl found its target, but the challenges only added to the excitement!

As we finished our last round we had a winner – 🏆Keir’s King Pin Kings who scored 465 points! Flawn’s Fabulous Four scored 393! We also had an individual winner, who scored 122 points himself… our sales director Dan! 🥳🥇

We had a great time and thank you for joining us on our bowling journey! We look forward to sharing our next adventure!

spraylat's bowling team


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