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Spraylat's Great Escape!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Splitting into two teams, Spraylat braved two of the Trapp'd Escape Rooms in Corby!

The first team, (confidently named "Tom's Out In 20!") decided to check into room 666 at Motel. Unbeknown to our guys, once you check in to Motel - guests never check back out!


The brave five endured a night of terror at the hands of the sadistic motel manager, working together to try and escape his torture chamber! Luckily, the team escaped in an impressive 49 minutes and 52 seconds! #welldoneteam #notquite20Tom we joke of course!

The second team, "The Escapees" took a trip to Ingolstadt, Germany to meet Professor Victor Frankenstein in his attic, surrounded by a collection of body parts, body limbs and innards sourced delightfully from dissecting rooms, graveyards and slaughterhouses!

Working together, using a combination of chemistry, alchemy and electricity (once placed in the socket properly!) The Escapees unfolded the deepest mysteries of creation ~ our monster was ready for regeneration in 55 minutes and 48 seconds!


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