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Reduce Waste On-Site With Protectapeel®... Not sure? Take Up A Free Demonstration!

Costs of avoidable errors within the construction sector are estimated between 10% - 25% of the project cost. (Get It Right Initiative)

By finding ways to make your construction project more efficient, you will not only be able to save on costs but reduce waste – thereby reducing your company’s strain on the environment.

Whilst switching from familiar construction materials may be daunting, seeking out alternatives could be the difference between completing on time, on budget with a reduced impact on the environment, or experiencing expenses, delays, disputes and reputation loss.

This is where we come in. We help construction companies reduce damage and complete projects on time.


Simple… switch from your current method of surface protection to Protectapeel® - a liquid-applied, skin-tight protective coating that requires no cutting to size.

We understand its easy for us to say switch – but you may have always used protective film on rolls or even protective boards… but ask yourself can they offer you this;

Avoid the stress and cost of avoidable errors such as surface damage during construction by using Protectapeel® liquid-applied protective coatings.

This is why we offer our six-stage service cycle, including a free, no-obligation Protectapeel® demonstration so you can see how our spray-on protective coating is easily applied, its durable bond to the surface and then how easy it is to remove by hand peeling!

To book your free Protectapeel demonstration or to get more information please contact our friendly protection specialists today.


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