Our Free Service To You

We want you to have as much confidence in Protectapeel® as we do!


That's why we will be with you every step of the way. 


  • Learn about the physical and financial benefits of Protectapeel® peelable protective coating with our protection cost comparison. 

  • See the benefits for yourself with our free demonstrations. Our experienced Application Technician will come to your site and show you how easy the coating is to apply.

  • We provide full training for all applying Protectapeel®. Once training is complete, certificates are also provided.

  • Protectapeel® is explained before and after your purchase with our helpful application guide and videos. 

  • But it doesn't stop there! Once you have applied Protectapeel® we also revisit your site to ensure you are happy!

We are also on hand Monday-Friday to answer any questions you may have.