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Protectapeel Service Cycle Is A Win-Win!

Protectapeel free service

Back in 2020, Spraylat International Ltd launched its Service Cycle. The Service Cycle follows a series of steps to help our customers get the very best from their surface protection.

One customer who took advantage of our Service Cycle was Metclad whilst working on the Brass Founders project.

Our Application Technician visited the £38m student accommodation development in Sheffield in January. Performing a free Protectapeel demonstration, the site team was able to see how quickly and easily our surface protection is applied.

Our free cost comparison also showed how Protectapeel would save money during construction, by protecting all the areas of a project that are becoming more expensive to replace if they get damaged.

Metclad then purchased enough Protectapeel to protect 1,200m² of glass and frames. Our Application Technician visited the site to give our free training. The free training showed how to apply the protective coating and how to check the surface is coated thoroughly. Once the training was complete, each site member received a Protectapeel application certificate.

Once the protective coating was delivered on-site, application guides were provided with every tub. Our application guides remind our customers how to apply the coating correctly and get the very best from Protectapeel.

After Protectapeel was applied to the glass and frames of the site, our Application Technician visited the site again. This allowed for any additional questions to be answered and for us to check the protective coating was applied correctly.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Not only did our service cycle help Metclad make the advantageous decision to protect with Protectapeel but they also gave us five stars!

“We protected 1,200m² of glass and frames, I was really impressed with the product and the overall customer service,” Josh Gardner, Metclad.

Our free service cycle is a win-win, you save time and money on your site, and we get another happy customer! If you are interested in Protectapeel why not get in touch to discuss a free demonstration to see how our spray-applied protective coating can help you.


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