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Protectapeel Reduces the Threat of Additional Cost and Delays

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Delays and shortages in the supply chain have resulted in increased costs and project delays, posing a threat to the industry’s productivity and profitability. Once materials are delivered on-site it asks the question “How do we reduce this threat?”

window damage due to no surface protection

Damaged surfaces on site will result in additional costs.

We have seen more and more site managers specifying Protectapeel for their projects. Whilst it can’t solve all issues found within a construction site – it can help to reduce cleaning, repairing or replacing surfaces - ultimately saving time and money.

Protectapeel has a unique formulation that enables it to bond with the surface generating a skin-like layer. This skintight bond remains on the surface for up to 12 months, protecting from damage such as scratching, mortar, paint, weld spatter and more!

Protectapeel surface protection protecting glass

To protect your profitability reducing damage on site is an excellent first step. This saves not only the cost of having to replace the surface but also the cost of having to wait for the replacement to be delivered, both of which can affect handover dates, which can be an expensive situation.

For more information on how Protectapeel can help you save time and money on your site get in touch today!


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