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Contractors Switching to Spray on Peel Off Protective Coatings are Reaping the Savings

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Construction companies are switching to protecting surfaces with Protectapeel on-site, we highlight the reasons and benefits behind why they are switching to peelable protective coatings.

Issues of damage and dirt on construction sites result in expensive repairs and cleaning. More extensive damage results in replacements. Cleaning can cost tens of thousands or it can take hours if you choose to do it yourself.

The answer to removing these unwanted issues is Protectapeel, a spray on peel off protective coating for protecting solid surfaces.

Protectapeel protects windows, floors, doors, kitchen worktops, bathrooms and many more surfaces. Protectapeel lasts for up to 24 months internally and 12 months externally. It’s used on every type of project from skyscrapers to everyday jobs. Contractors continue to use Protectapeel, here’s five reasons why:

1. Save Time

Protectapeel saves time by avoiding cleaning. Hiring a cleaning company means you have wait for them to complete the job but cleaning yourself takes longer. Our peelable coating removes the need for cleaning.

Damages are avoided and time is saved compared to organising replacements or repairs. Applying Protectapeel by spray or roller is quicker than applying other forms of protection. Protectapeel also lasts longer, so reapplication is not required.

peelable protective coating for use as protection during construction including window protection much more.

2. Save Money

Protectapeel is a superior temporary protection for use during construction. Other forms of protection require application, reapplication and cleaning after removal. Reapplication and cleaning are expensive, Protectapeel removes these costs.

As previously mentioned, Protectapeel reduces damage. These damaged surfaces can sometimes cost thousands to replace, Protectapeel prevents these issues.

A construction project used Protectapeel on balconies from floor 14 to 25, but from floor 1 to 13, they used a low tack tape. Floors 1 to 13 had to have their balconies replaced, whilst floors 14 to 25 remained well protected.

3. All Weather Protection

Protectapeel protects externally for up to 12 months. It will protect during all weather and will not bake on to surfaces when exposed to sunlight. When required, Protectapeel will peel by hand and leave the surface looking new.

4. Enhance Customer Relations

Using Protectapeel means contractors and clients no longer dispute over who should pay for damages and repairs.

Contractors can have a stronger relationship with their clients if the build is completed in the allotted time without going over budget. Protectapeel removes these issues by stopping damages occurring during projects.

5. Peace of Mind

The client will expect the build to be completed within their budget and time arrangements.

Protectapeel ensures surfaces are protected against the elements of construction, so handover is on time. Protectapeel eliminates concerns about surface damage and cleaning.

Want to know more?

To learn more, arrange a demonstration or quote, simply contact Spraylat International Ltd.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get all the information required and you get the full benefits of Protectapeel. We can even provide on-site training to your applicators.

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