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Innovation Leads To Automated Window & Door Protection

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Spraylat International has been manufacturing and supplying protective coatings to the glass and glazing industry for almost 30 years. Innovation is key to our business and also the industry, which is why we have invested significantly in our design and research laboratories. From this investment, Protectapeel Photocure was launched.

Photocure is a liquid applied peelable coating that can be used to protect glass and window frames on the production line. Once exposed to UV light the coating instantly cures. Once cured, Photocure provides a tough, scratch resistant coating that will protect from damage during storage, transportation, installation and throughout the construction process. The coating will last for up to 12 months both internally and externally, when needed Protectapeel Photocure is simply removed by hand peeling.

Since its launch in 2019 Protectapeel Photocure has been used in many different applications for a range of industries. Our most recent customer understands the importance of maintaining a competitive edge in a busy marketplace and decided to have a UV process line installed in their factory, to ensure their products are protected right the way through to installation. The aluminium profiles are coated with Protectapeel Photocure spray and are cured in seconds under a UV lamp. Once finished on the factory line, Photocure’s low-tack finish means that items can be stacked in the warehouse until ready for despatch.

Due to the increasing pressure for environmentally friendly products and the stringent regulations on VOC emissions, Spraylat International is proud that Protectapeel Photocure is 33% bio sourced with 0% VOC levels.

Interest in Protectapeel Photocure has increased significantly in the glass and glazing industry due to the instant drying times and durable coating it creates. Our aim is to demonstrate to manufacturers there is a better way to protect surfaces, that can ultimately save time and money and increase productivity.


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