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How To Get Ahead By Being Sustainable

To be sustainable in construction means using renewable and recyclable materials, as well as reducing energy consumption and waste.

It's not just about being seen to be green. Being sustainable gives a major competitive edge to a company. According to a recent study, companies that put sustainability at the heart of what they do saw significant benefits. 40% reported increased profit margins and 30% increased competitiveness. (Make UK, 2021)

So where to start?

As you know, surface damage on-site can cause;

- Repair costs

- Replacement costs

- Additional cleaning costs

- Project handover delays

Having to replace damaged surfaces not only increases the project spend but also increases energy consumption and waste. The transportation needed to deliver replacement surfaces, along with disposing of them, all contribute to increased carbon emissions. This could easily be avoided and would contribute to your start as a sustainable company.

There are companies investing in the future by driving sustainability, and others that are letting opportunities pass them by while running up higher costs.

Don't let this be you. Protect surfaces with Protectapeel®.

By using Protectapeel® you will;

- Protect surfaces from damage

- Avoid needing to repair surfaces

- Avoid needing to replace surfaces

- Save money on cleaning requirements

- Save time by not having to delay projects due to damage

Quickly and effortlessly applied by airless spray or roller directly to the surface, Protectapeel® dries to form a skin-tight bond.

This skin-tight bond protects the surface from;

- Scratching

- Paint

- Mortar

- Weathering

- Rust

- Weld sparks

- Dust & dirt

When required Protectapeel® is simply removed by hand-peeling and can be returned to Spraylat for recycling!

It goes hand in hand if you protect surfaces, you're wasting less and your overheads are less, making you more profitable.

Sustainability is not just for large businesses. The reality is that if you aren't investing in sustainability, your competitors will be and you're going to be left behind.

Get ahead of the game (and your competitors!) and use Protectapeel®. Save time, money, wastage and emissions.


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