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13 Years With The BBC Television Centre

Updated: Apr 17

In 2007 Spraylat were asked if there was a solution for protecting the studio floor at The BBC Television Centre.

The floor needed protecting from;

- Scratching

- Heavy Foot Traffic & studio equipment

- Discolouring from Harsh TV Lighting

Protectapeel is applied annually to safeguard the studio floor. Applied by airless spray, it is perfect for protecting the floor around the iconic curved seating area. The liquid dries to form a robust protective barrier that shields the floor for a year.

Each year, Protectapeel is simply peeled away and re-applied to allow filming to continue uninterrupted, whilst upholding the floor's original state.

Protectapeel has been used for a range of concepts such as temporary advertising and signage and temporary colour change for studio backdrops.

Take a look at our studio protective coatings page for more information.


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