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Protectapeel Spray On Window Protection Film

Protectapeel is a spray-on protective film for glass and frames. Quickly applied by an airless spray gun, Protectapeel dries to form an air-tight protective bond to the surface for up to 12 months internally & externally! 

When required, Protectapeel is easily removed by hand peeling - revealing clean and undamaged windows ready for handover! 

Fed up with protective film roll losing adhesion?

Having to reapply or worse, repair or replace surfaces?

Stressed with additional costs to your site?

There's a better way with spray!

12 Month Protection With No Adhesion Loss!

Protectapeel Window Protection Film

Quick Application

Protection For Up To 12 Months

Air-Tight Durable Protection

No Residue Left Behind

Reduce Repairs & Replacements

BS 476 Pt 7 Fire Rated

Recyclable (UK only)

Protectapeel window protection film protects from damage such as;

Scratching | Paint Overspray | Weld Spatter | Weathering | Dust / Debris 

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