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Protective Coatings That Save Time & Money

Does it seem like one day your project is going really well, and the next everything is going wrong? Worried about getting hit with unexpected costs during the build? Worried this may lead to project handover delays and additional penalty charges?


We’re here to take some of that stress away. How? By offering a fire rated, recyclable protective coating that offers durable protection for up to 12 months with no adhesion loss – guaranteeing not only your surfaces stay protected but also your budget.

Fed up with protective film losing adhesion?

Having to reapply or worse, repair or replace surfaces?

Stressed with additional costs to your site?

There's a better way with spray!

12 Month Protection With No Adhesion Loss 

Construction worker

Protective Film

> Needs cutting to size to apply

> Loses adhesion

> Leaves residue behind

> Not British standard fire rated

> Waste goes to landfill

> Poor level of protection

> Can lead to additional cleaning

> Can lead to damaged surfaces

construction worker

Protectapeel Protective Coating

> Quick & easy to apply by spray

> Lasts for up to 12 months

> Air-tight durable protection

> No residue left behind

> Free demonstrations & training

> Reduces repairs & replacements

> Reduces cleaning

> BS 476 Pt 7 Fire Rated

> Recycle option

Protectapeel is a unique protective coating that provides 12 months of guaranteed air-tight protection for your surfaces. Protectapeel is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for protecting surfaces and can save you time and money on-site. It is a peelable protective coating that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to protect them from dirt, dust, scratching and more. Protectapeel protective coating is an ideal solution for protecting surfaces during construction and renovation projects.

Interested in Protectapeel? Just ASK!

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