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Working With Responsible Businesses For A More Sustainable Future

We are proud to work with others who implement environmental best practices. Logistics plays a central role in the global economy, therefore the industry plays a crucial part in environmental impacts. We use Sanderson Transport, as they are always looking for ways to "go green". Their business is focused on maintaining a habitable planet for us and generations to come.

Sanderson Transport endeavours to reduce emissions whilst making their business more sustainable. One of their missions is to operate an entire fleet of vehicles that meet the Euro 6 standard in the coming years.

The Euro 6 standard aims to reduce levels of harmful exhaust emissions and became important in 2019 because it encapsulates the criteria with which new ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ) and clean air zones (CAZ) will be enforced. Almost half of Sanderson's fleet already meets this criteria and will play a major factor when making future vehicle investments.

They have also created a detailed CO2 emission report per mode of transport, the report identifies carbon emissions for each shipment which is used to inform decisions. To improve efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint, Sanderson's use this information to adjust certain routes and consolidate customer goods on fewer vehicles.

In September 2017 Sanderson's purchased a 60,000 sqft of warehousing in Corby. Whilst carrying out the developments the objective was to ensure the design incorporates environmental elements and efficient operating systems such as;

- Energy-efficient lighting

- Skylights

- A white roof system

- A recycling program.

The refurbishments ensure a healthier environment for residents, workers and the local community through minimised energy and water consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emission and reduced costs.

Sanderson's have also benchmarked waste rates and generated a plan to minimise waste to landfill. To achieve this, they have installed a vertical shrink wrap baler and individual skips for wood, cardboard and metal. These measures have already helped the reduction in waste transport costs, the significant added value from recovered waste, substantial recycling revenue and eliminated landfill taxes.

We are proud to work with others who implement environmental best practices and will continue to use Sanderson’s due to their commitment to business and the environment.


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