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When Protection Fails: The Frustration of Applying Protective Film

Protective films are supposed to protect surfaces from expensive damage. But what happens when it fails to live up to its promise?

protective film that has lost adhesion

Expectations vs. Reality:

Like many others, you may think protective film is a simple solution to surface protection right?

Easy to apply *Check*

Affordable *Check*

Superior adhesion and durability *Check*

But what happens when the optimism turns to disappointment when just a few days after applying the film – you notice it starting to peel?

Ok, quickly press it back down – you tell yourself it’s probably your fault maybe you didn’t stick it properly before?

What happens when you notice the adhesion loss wasn’t down to application error, but actually product error, which has now led to damage on the surface. What was supposed to protect had, in fact, become the cause of damage and now you are left with the consequences.

protective film losing adhesion from window

Not only would you be disappointed in the product itself, but also a sense of helplessness knowing you now have to invest time and money into repairing the damage caused by the very thing that was supposed to prevent it.

protective film lost adhesion with damage to window

- Additional cost: potential repairs or replacements needed

- Additional cost: potential cleaning needed

- Additional time: potential delays waiting for replacements

- Additional time: potential delay in hand over time

- Additional cost: potential penalty charges for delays

- Reputation Issues: potential conflicts with contractors/client

spray on protective film Protectapeel

Save yourself the stress, the time and the money by using Protectapeel. Protectapeel is quickly applied by airless spray, creating an air-tight, durable bond to the surface. This bond does not lose adhesion, providing you with superior surface protection.

In addition to providing superior surface protection, Protectapeel offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings:

Reduced Labour Costs: Protectapeel's easy application and peelable nature streamline the protection process, reducing labour hours and associated costs.

Reduced Cleaning: Protectapeel reduces the need for time-consuming cleanup of residue and dust and debris, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Prevention of Replacements: By protecting surfaces from damage, Protectapeel helps prevent costly repairs, replacements and delays, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Don’t waste time and money on protective films that will fail you, protect it the right way the first time with Protectapeel spray on protective coating.


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